Mission: Fly solo around the world in a single engine airplane.


   A Voyage through the sky...

      A Trek to explore the Earth...

          A Desire to seek the mysterious...

              An Endeavour to Spin the world.....

See Route for details.

******Latest updates****** Margot just flew from the island of Kauai to Molokai! Read about this an more by checking out my new section on Progress and upcomming milestones

Round the world Trip

The Goal

An around the world trip in a little airplane. During the trip I will spend 7 months exploring and adventuring the planet on a winged trek around the Earth. If completed on schedule I will be the youngest female to fly solo around the world in a single engine airplane. Take off: Lihue Airport March 2012.

Spin the World is part of a plan to perform 195 Aerobatic spins along the way. "Spin the World" refers to the concept of putting a new spin on perceptions; To promote understanding and recognition of all the differences our world offers. To accoplish this, I will perform 195 Aerobatic spins along the way, representing each of the 195 unique countries in the world.

I also hope the trip encourages aviation and inspires people to go for the goals, like others have inspired me. If you are interested in becoming a strategic partner and sponsoring Trek by Wing, please see sponsors for more information. See preperation for status and updates.

Margot is a lover of aviation, aerobatics and adventure. In addition to being an aerobatic pilot, Margot has test piloted aircraft she created with two friends. To read more about Margot go to About

Future Expeditions

Fly solo to all seven continents

Fly aerobatics on all seven continents

Fly solo around the world via the north and south pole!